Problems never arrive in cleanly demarcated compartments. They can no longer be handled using conventional architectural designs or graphic design or software, neither formulated gourmets of the modern world or whatever! The need of today is a design approach that solves the problems of the holistic ground reality. 24 years of my experience with skills & knowledge in several domains has provided solutions as demanded by the complex, holistic world out there - To always be Ahead & above the rests.

Being a professional food connoisseur, traveling across the globe & actually living in 6 crowned cities of our country, I've zeroed on delicacies from around the globe, presenting it in its best form to match the city’s palate and link it to our heritage.
Recently there has been a flood of restaurants . Time is scarce and so is leisure. Everyone seeks short cuts, thereby reducing a prestigious fine art to the level of plain belly filling. As a result the recipes have gone astray.
Compiling chef’s together to get to the nearest of the Royal food that was spread in the royal Cruises & banquets was Our Motto. Today here at the Port O’ Gomez our recipes are in their purest form. The delicacies here should delight the palates of the severest critics and gourmets & we take pride to invite you to experience Fine art cooking amidst a royal Cruise ambience. My Special gratitude extends to you all, who inspired me to compile this experience and we are open for any suggestions to bead the crown with your support.
Welcome Aboard !

Elvyniho Martinho Nolberto Gomez

Kindly make reservations in advance with choice of delicacies to enjoy a 100% Cruise experience with Chefs personal attendance .

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